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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Nokia Nseries DJ Mixer

If you think that the main Nseries website has it all then think twice, coz Nseries India has something else for all DJs and wannabes (like me LOL) and actually singers too! The DJ mixer has 2 functions, named as karaoke and mixer. With the latter, you can make your own playlists or select an existing one from the music files you have on your music phone. The only downside is that it's not compatible with other music file formats aside from MP3 (yet). Meaning, if you have some of your files converted into WMA or eAAC+ using the nokia music manager and other converters, you won't be able to load your music and use the DJ mixer's cool features. To use the mixer, simply make your playlist and listen to it then mix the styles as you wish!

Now let's go with the karaoke function. Same with the mixer, load and play your own MP3s from your device and record then save your very own karaoke tune. You can mix your voice as well but be sure that you're alone so nobody will hear your nice and talented voice =)

Nseries DJ Mixer is available for the N70ME, N80, N91, N91ME N73, N93, N93i and N73ME but the Mobile Diva (Darla Mack) has been using it with her lovely pink N95.

Download it here: Nseries India

[via: DarlaMack]


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