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Sunday, 29 July 2007

"Pimp" Your Nokia 3250 & Nokia 5700!

Hi guys! I know and you know that both 3250 and 5700 has this "cool" form factor. I mean when you start to twist the keypad for music or camera many starts paying attention and later on you'll see dudes staring on your phone and probably have read their faces saying - nice phone and stuff. To my surprise, I still hear lots of my friends, colleagues and other fellows (especially while strolling at malls..) commenting - Whoa! What's that, is that a digital camera? Some says - cool, twisting keypad from techie kids even my 3250 is more than 1 year old already! It's kinda like having your budget N90 too (transforming stuff) LOL! I'm quite sure, one of your main reasons you bought a 3250 or 5700 is because of its twisting keypad right? Same answer here bros and gals!

Don't ya know that you can make your Nokia 3250 or Nokia 5700 even cooler? Just watch the video below to see how cool my 3250 is LOL!

What are you waiting for? Download the WAV files below and go to your phone's Profiles to select and set your choice of camera start-up and music player start-up tones and make your phone talk! =)


Removing "Invisible" Unwanted Themes

So you got your spanking new S60 9.x powered smartphone and its been a while and you have installed bunch of themes. Then one day, you checked your theme gallery to change a theme or delete unwanted ones, and to your surprise some of 'em are missing! You said, "What the?!" guess what, you have installed a theme not completely compatible with your phone (I believe those themes are originally meant for S60 2.x phones ported wrongly to and not for S60 3.x devices). Hence, you will not be able to remove it the normal way.

So you ask. How do I get rid of it? Here's a step by step guide:

1. Connect your phone to the PC using the data cable

2. Select "Data Transfer" or "Mass Storage" mode (for other phone models, it's the option where the mobile is like a USB)

3. Make sure your PC has been set to "SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS" on (simply click to your My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View Tab > Show hidden files and folders) and hit OK

4. On the computer go to My Computer > Removable Disk (the memory card) > Private (it's a hidden folder) > 10207114 > Import

5. Now you'll have a number of folders with barbarian names, like "dc60815d47351ce2" and others. Each folder corresponds to one theme.

6. Open each folder and you'll see in the contents 4 files: a settings file, a .mbm file, a .mif file and a .skn file. The 4 files have in their title the theme name. For instance, in my dc60815d47351ce2 folder, i have the following:

Pink_Seaflower_3250.mbm, Pink_Seaflower_3250.mif and Pink_Seaflower_3250.skn which means that the dc60815d47351ce2 folder is the one of the Pink Seaflower theme (by Babi)

7. When u come across a theme that you want to delete, go back to the Import folder and delete the whole theme folder. Like if I want to delete the pink seaflower theme, I would delete the whole dc60815d47351ce2 folder

8. Safely remove your phone (click on the right part of your system tray beside the PC's clock the icon with green arrow)

9. Enjoy your emptied theme gallery :D

I just tried this tip in my 3250 and it works perfectly fine. After disconnecting my phone, I opened my themes gallery and all the themes I deleted were gone!

For other phones, the parent folder "10207114" may be different (perhaps). You just have to find the folder that contains an "Import" sub-folder.

[via: Dotsisx]

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Counter Strike Micro Edition

Are you a hardcore CS gamer before? Well if you are, then this game is a must for ya! If you want to play it anywhere you go with your mobile phone or simply wanna reminisce the action, download it now!

This game is provided by M3GWORKS.

M3GWORKS is a leading developer of 3D game engine for mobile phones. They have developed the very first 3D FPS engine 'M3GFPS' based on M3G technology.

They provide the 3D engines to their partners, especially the mobile game developers so that they are able to work out 3D shooter games easily and quickly. Based on their FPS engine, they currently present a shooter game 'Micro Counter-Strike', a demo of their engine.

Micro Counter Strike

Announced on May 2006, Micro Counter-Strike, the mobile version of the classic PC game 'Counter-Strike', brings the 'Counter-Strike' gaming experience to you anywhere and anytime!

Click here for more information about this game and download it

Micro Counter Strike Micro Counter Strike Micro Counter Strike


Micro Counter Strike


Forward: 2,Up key
Backward: 8,Down key
Turn Left: 4,Left key
Turn Right: 6,Right key
Shoot: 5,Fire key
Buy: 0
Buy Ammos: 3
Change Weapon: 1
Popup Menu Show/Hide: #
Collimator On/Off: 9

Phone Requirement

-The game must run on devices that support JSR-184, Java Me
-High performance devices boost the game's performance
-250k above available storage space is required for the game demo's JAR

Check your Nokia Phone if it supports JSR-184 here

Voice PVR Phone Call Recorder - No Recording Limit!

Voice PVR is a personal voice recorder mobile application that provides voice recorder functionality, without recording time limits. As long as the user has free internal memory or in the memory card, user can record for as long as he or she wants!

Main Features

. Record phone calls and get the files stored in directory specific to the caller ID
. Record meeting notes and get files stored in the directory specific to the meeting
. Options for No BEEPs during recording (If no beep option is selected, there will be 10-15% data loss)
. AMR and WAV format recording
. Unlimited recording length (limited by the available storage on device)
. Voice recorder
. Locate and play recorded files
. Simple and easy user interface
. Works in background when minimized

Phone call PVR

. Record all phone calls
. Record only the next phone call
. Caller id, incoming/outgoing, date and time is stored in recorded file name
. Each recorded file is stored in a folder with the caller id so you can easily identify when copying to PC

Click here to download

Next-Gen N-Gage Will Launch On 4Q 2007!

NextGen NGageThe big news is that Digital Chocolate has signed up to make games for N-Gage, and according to O'Driscoll, there are 35 games in development for the platform, although not all will be out when it launches this year.

However, he also said that N-Gage is due to roll out "during Q4" this year. That sounds like a minor slip from its previously announced launch date of September, but hopefully means we'll have N-Gage games in our hands by Christmas.

We should note that he was referring to the European launch, so it's possible that the platform will launch somewhere in September, to iron out any last-minute teething problems.

In terms of strategy, Web 2.0 is clearly a big influence on the platform, in terms of social networking, user-generated content and connectivity. He also talked about what mobile brings to Web 2.0 services, allowing people to access them on the move.

But what does it mean for games, and specifically the new N-Gage stuff? He revealed some stats indicating that gaming is already popular on the company's high-end phones.

Apparently, 85 percent of Series 60 handset owners are playing the preloaded games on their handsets, while 45 percent are playing downloadable games a few times a week. However, when you look at all mobile users, just 5 percent are actually downloading games.

"We need to move to a point where we're creating true mobile games, as opposed to just puttingNextGen NGage existing games on the mobile," he said. "We know what the barriers are, yet we're not doing a great deal to resolve them."

So, more Nokia research. Apparently there's three different categories of mobile games - solo gamers, social gamers and passive gamers. It's the social gamers that Nokia is focusing on, who want gaming to be "a catalyst for social interaction" (think Web 2.0 again).

Apparently this category includes 22 per cent of mobile users across the world, so it's a decent potential market – and unsurprisingly the target market for the next-gen N-Gage.

O'Driscoll also talked about what's needed to get more people playing mobile games, including "better games at higher prices", a better buying experience, free demos and multiple ways to buy a game, and more connectivity and the ability to share games with friends.

He gave few specifics on new N-Gage games, although he did promise "Xbox 360 quality graphics" in the future on Nokia's Nseries handsets (although bear in mind that's still on a mobile phone sized screen).

O'Driscoll also showed off the N-Gage shopping experience, although this has been reported before – the combination of a mobile portal, an online iTunes-style store, and the ability to try games before you buy them.


In case you do not know, Nokia is currently working on cross platform games that will make some of its games playable not only on NextGen N-Gage game capable S60 phones but also on our desktop PCs! Pretty cool, isn't it?

NextGen NGage
[via: Pocket Gamer]

Samsung Symbian Powered i550 Emerges

Samsung i550It's raining Samsung! Yes, another phone pops out from the Korean manufacturer. It looks like that Samsung is filling in the gaps with regards to their specific market targets and I betcha they are doing the right move! This time, they are aiming for Symbian phone lovers. The new Samsung i550 will run under the S60 platform (perhaps 9.1?). If you stare at it, the design doesn't look like an original Samsung and obviously reminds me of Sony Ericsson handsets. Nonetheless, I think it will appeal for businessmen and the like, and of course accustomed S60 users but not to the young and sporty. Anyway, below are the specs:

- 3.2 mega pixel camera
- built in GPS
- Symbian OS S60
- 3G and HSDPA
- 2.6" display
- dedicated keys for GPS/music player/internet
- FM radio
- 3.5 mm jack
- 128 MB RAM
- microSD slot
- microUSB

[via: IntoMobile]

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Samsung G800 5Mpx - Xenon Flash & 3X Optical Zoom!?

Samsung G800Wow! This is really interesting, right after G600's announcement comes the big daddy - G800! This is not officially announced by Samsung yet but rumors said that this model is due early 2008 next year. G800 measures 103 x 51 x 16.8mm and features a 2.4" QVGA OLED display, microSD slot, bluetooth 2.0 (with A2DP I assume), stereo speakers, either HSDPA or 3G support plus EDGE as well as camera centric features such as camera OSD (On-Screen Display) multi, mosaic, panorama, best pic (like Cybershot's?! WTH!), macro shot, video stabilizer effect, suppression, "red eye", xenon flash and an amazing 3x optical zooming lens.

I just can't imagine what Nokia has in store for us. I wonder when will be the successor of N93i be announced? Conversely, I can picture a serious fight of future imaging kings between the rumored N82, SE K850 and Samsung G800 in the last quarter this year!

Samsung G800
One thing is for sure, at the end we consumers will ultimately benefit from all of these toughening competition, giving us highly feature-packed mobile phones from one to another!

Nokia 4GB microSD

Good news! Nokia now officially added 4GB microSD on their memory cards portfolio. Strange thing is that both N95 and E90 are the only ones compatible (according to Nokia). I think that's more of a marketing move (so people will think N95 and E90 are the only ones compatible) rather than... Well anyway, let's just hope that this particular 4GB microSD is compatible with other lower end Nokia devices with microSD slots like N76, 5500, 5700 (and of course 3250). Apparently because of the microSDHC logo missing! Which means, this card is like a normal microSD and not microSDHC?! (finger crossed) =)

Nokia 4GB microSDThis is really great, imagine we can now store more images, movies, apps, games and music! Unfortunately, pricing is yet to be known. In real world, who cares! Nokia branded cards tend to be more expensive than other known brands available.. (in Manila, that's the case)

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Panasonic Introduces 3 New LUMIX Cameras

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic, the leading brand by which Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is well known, unveiled today three new models in its LUMIX digital still camera line. The new 8.1-megapixel cameras feature the world's first Intelligent Auto Mode that frees the user from adjusting settings every time shooting conditions change as well as suppresses image blurs without compromising picture quality. The DMC-FX33 and DMC-FX55 incorporate this epoch-making technology and a 28-mm wide-angle lens in a slim and compact body. The DMC-FZ18 includes a powerful 18x optical zoom. The three cameras will be available in Japan from August 25.

"When we entered the digital still camera market in 2001, we set the standard in digital camera photography by introducing an optical image stabilizer to compact cameras. Since then we have pursued twin goals of providing clear, beautiful images and operational ease. The result is the Intelligent Auto Mode that allows users to achieve professional quality images every time. I am sure the new LUMIX cameras will set another standard in digital photography," said Mr. Shinobu Fusa, General Manager of Product Planning Group, DSC Business Unit, Network Business Group, Panasonic AVC Networks Company.

The Intelligent Auto Mode built into the three LUMIX cameras incorporates Panasonic's renowned Intelligent Image Stabilization anti-blurring system and three new advanced functions.

The Intelligent Scene Selector automatically sets an appropriate scene mode according to the scene the user is going to shoot such as Portrait, Scenery, Macro, Night Scenery and Night Portrait. For example, the user does not need to manually select the Macro Mode when shooting close-up pictures of beautiful flowers in the garden. The Face Detection System allows the camera to recognize a human face up to 15 faces and automatically optimize focus and exposure on them. Once the faces are recognized, the camera follows them wherever they move. Also, Panasonic's newly-developed auto-focus function enables the camera to start focusing on a subject without pressing the shutter button halfway.* This feature permits the user to quickly capture life's precious and fleeting moments.

As these functions work automatically, the user can simply point the camera at any subject and enjoy trouble-free shooting in any situation to get clear, crisp pictures.

Panasonic FX33Other automatic functions introduced in the three models include the Intelligent LCD. The camera detects the light condition and automatically boosts the LCD backlighting by 40 percent under bright sunlight. Under low-lit situation, the high-sensitivity CCD adjusts the LCD backlighting to secure a clear image. The DMC-FX55 has a large 3.0-inch 230,000-pixel LCD. The DMC-FX33 and DMC-FZ18 come with a 2.5-inch 207,000-piexel LCD.

The LUMIX FX55 and FX33 pack these advanced functions and 28-mm wide-angle, 3.6x (equivalent to 28-100 mm on a 35-mm film camera) Leica DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens in a slim body. The FX33 has a 22.0-mm body profile, the slimmest in the world as a camera with a 28-mm wide-angle lens, while the FX55 has a body profile of 22.8 mm. The two stylish models feature the High-Speed Burst shooting mode that achieves continuous shooting of seven shots per second, allowing up to 100 shots when the shutter button is kept pressed.Panasonic FX55

The FZ18, the latest model in the power zoom line, has a newly-developed 28-mm wide-angle Leica DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens with f/2.8-4.2 brightness and 18x optical zoom (equivalent to 28-504 mm on a 35-mm film camera). Further, the Extra Optical Zoom (EX) function extends the zoom ratio to 28.7x (equivalent to 803 mm on a 35-mm film camera for 3-megapixel recording) by using the center part of the CCD to provide additional magnification.

Panasonic FZ18In addition to the powerful zoom, the FZ18 is equipped with an Advanced Scene Mode giving the user finer control over some frequently-used scene modes such as Portrait, Sports, Scenery and Night Portrait. Selecting each mode will assist the user to take pictures that are easily optimized for each scene. Each mode also includes a Creative Mode that allows the user to set aperture or shutter speed manually to give an original creative touch to the images.

*The DMC-FX33 and FX55 use the Quick AF system that allows the camera to start focusing on the subject detecting when handshake stops, while FZ18's Continuous AF system allows the camera to continuously keep the subject in focus.

[via: Press Release]

Change Your Wallpaper Everyday Automatically!

Hi guys, found this very cool application called Wallpaper Manager. With this program, we can auto change our wallpapers on the standby screen everyday! You can also edit images in a variety of options.

You can download it here

Monday, 23 July 2007

N73s New Firmware Enables Bluetooth Stereo & AVRCP!

N73This is definitely great news for both N73 and N73me owners. With just a simple firmware upgrade, you are on your way of enjoying stereo streaming on your Bluetooth headsets and take care of controlling your music wirelessly!

Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) is a Bluetooth profile that allows Bluetooth devices like your N73 to control media playback onN73 remote devices such as your Bluetooth headset. It is typically used with A2DP devices for next/previous track selection and pause/play functions.

So if you want to enable AdvancedAudio2DistributionProfile (a.k.a. Bluetooth Stereo) on your lovely N73/me, just upgrade your firmware using Nokia Software Updater!

Don't take my word for it, folks at the official Nokia Discussions are talking about this stuff and confirmed it.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Use Your Nokia S60 Phone As A Webcam!

Tired and bored of your USB webcam? Now you can forget bringing it and use your spanking new webcam with you wherever you go!

Oh yeah, you heard me correctly, as long as you have your Nokia smartphone with ya, that's possible with "WWIGO" from Motvik Technologies. After you have installed the application you can now convert your camera phone into a webcam for use with applications such as Skype, Yahoo IM, MSN, YouTube, Grouper, Movie Maker etc.

WWIGO (pronounced 'vigo') stands for Webcam Wherever I Go. With WWIGO, a camera phone can be used as a webcam with PC or Laptop using bluetooth as the transmission medium.


It consists of two software components:

  • mobile component that resides on phone and streams video to PC
  • PC component that receives video


  • Use Camera Phone as Wireless Webcam
  • Record videos with wwigo PC application
  • Use along with skype yahoo messenger windows live messenger to do video chat
  • Live Upload with YouTube grouper to share video
  • Video Quality better or comparable to off shelf webcam*
  • Works with popular Bluetooth Stacks on PC
  • Supported devices Nokia Series 60 v2.0 and Series 60 v3.0 phones (see devices in download page)

*Better or comparable depends on the specific phone used (N70=2mpx; IMAGINE.. what more if you use N73.. or N95 perhaps)

System Requirements

  • Desktop/Laptop with Windows 2000 or Windows XP SP2
  • Bluetooth enabled with any one of these Bluetooth Stack, Microsoft Bluetooth Stack, Widcomm Bluetooth Stack, Toshiba Bluetooth Stack
  • Mobile Phone: Nokia Series 60 v2.0 or v3.0 phone

Oh, have I mentioned the best part? This cool application is totally FREE!

Here's the download link

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Samsung G600 5 megapixel Phone

Samsung G600Samsung joined the bandwagon (at least in non-Korean and Japanese markets) with the latest addition to their thin and stylish mobile phones. Samsung G600 is a quad band EDGE mobile phone equipped with 5mpx auto-focus camera plus LED flash & 4x digital zoom, RDS capable FM radio, bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP support, microSD slot and a 2.2" QVGA resolution 16M TFT color screen. All those features are fitted on an incredibly thin 14.9mm slider body.

Both LG and Nokia were the first ones to introduce 5mpx cameraphones (outside of Japan and the Korean markets, AFAIK), we'll see how Samsung G600 fares in terms of picture quality and camera ergonomics both in hardware and UI against N95, LG KG920 and the much awaited K850 later this year.

Samsung G600 are planned to be released in August 2007 in the European market with a suggested retail price of 400 Euros.

Samsung G600Samsung G600

[last 2 pics via: mobil cz]

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Win A Nokia 6270 or 7360!

Nokia 6270Do you live in Manila? If you do, then you have a chance of winning either a Nokia 6270 or 7360! All you have to do is to join and register in Nokia's contest "Ryo in Funtopia" by clicking here and simply log in to play and complete the 6 mini-games.

Nokia 7360The judging and selection of the winners will take place at 9:00pm on Jul 31 and Sep 30, 2007. Entries with the highest scores for the games wins a Nokia 6270 or 7360. A total of 3 prizes will be given away! Good luck everyone =)

Ryo in Funtopia

Free Answering Machine Application Plus More!

Nokia E65Some applications are really meant for some Nokia models out there like E65. But if you come to think of it, we can also use this cool and free application (meant for?) E65 to other S60v3.x (a.k.a. Symbian 9.x) phones too! Since E65 is running in the same Symbian OS platform, I think MobiGenie will work with other S60v3.x phones as well like N95, N73, 5700, 3250 et al.

As usual, Nokia made this very useful application quite hidden for all of us, so the ones who don't discover it may opt to purchase an application somewhere with similar funcitonality. MobiGenie is available for download in one of their regional websites - Nokia UAE. Its on E65's support page.

Download it here

MobiGenie is one of the most valuable utilities for any mobile phone user. With MobiGenie, you can have your own answering machine, caller locator, SMS auto-reply, block unwanted callers etc. In other words, you can have your own voice mailbox! Hence, there's more reason for you not to use your network's voice mail service.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Frozen Bubble Now Available for S60v3 Phones!

At last! One of my all time favorite game is finally playable with my N3250! As we all know, Frozen Bubble has a very addictive game play, and I have to admit that I really missed it alot since I bought my 3250 last year. Let us thank Elias Konstantinidis for making this wonderful game available for symbian 9.1 and up phones! Frozen Bubble is a free download and currently supports phones with screen resolutions of 320 x 240 (e.g. N73, 5700, N93, N95, etc) and 176 x 208 (3250, N91, et al). My cousin also loves this game, Im sure he'll get excited once I tell him this news!

Frozen Bubble
You can download it here

[via: Mobile Diva]

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Levi's Phone For Fashionistas!

Levis PhoneLevi's also wants a piece of cake in the mobile phone market too like Apple. The Levi's phone will be offered in metallic silver, black and brown copper. Stylish feminine “shiny silver” and “shiny sand” editions, featuring a ‘mirror’ screen have also been created for the fashion forward. These fashionable hand assembled stainless steel handsets are planned to be released in select Europe stores (initially, I assume..) this coming September with prices left to be known.

The Levi's phone embraces mobile technology and enables young people to connect, enjoy music, exchange images and videos whilst on the go. The functional essence of the Levi's brand’s design philosophy is perfectly captured by the phone’s compact design and sturdy riveted steel casing.

Levis PhoneA unique detachable chain provides a clever design solution that allows users to fasten their phone to their jeans or bags.

Phone Features [Preliminary Info]:

- 2 megapixel camera

- Bluetooth A2DP (Stereo)

- 1.8" screen

- 100% stainless steel body

- microSD memory expansion slot

video from melkyman

[via: modelabs]

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Mysterious Nseries Device

Had enough of rumors? Guess what, here's another one from Nokia. Is this the successor of N800 internet tablet or some kind of communicator device or if I may say - Nokia's "communicator tablet" hybrid device!? Perhaps this may be the patent Nokia have recently applied for, ya know the one with removable keyboard, though the pics on that particular patent looks bigger than the one below.. nah, I may be wrong, forget it. On the othe side, this may be the much anticipated N99 too! Anyway, check it out, it's quite cool!

Pictures [via: engadget]

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Convert Your Music To Maximize Precious Space

Do you want to save more than 1,300 tracks on your 2GB memory card and maintain their high quality sound? Tired of re-typing ID tags on your music files after converting from one format to another? Or simply can't convert your massive collection of high quality (probably with 128kbps or higher bitrate) MP3s, AACs and other standard music formats to 'mobile optimized' format using Nokia Music Manager 2.0 and below? Do this look familiar?

If you are a music buff like me, you'll be glad to know that you can actually convert all of your MP3s and AACs into M4A (a.k.a. eAAC+) without hassles by just following easy to follow steps below:

1) Download and Install MediaMonkey standard on your PC here

2) Make sure that you also have the latest Nokia PC Suite which has the Nokia Music Manager. You can download it here

3) Locate and copy all the tracks you wish to convert. Be sure not to delete the original files because the copied files later will be converted into WMA format.

4) Paste all the tracks you copied earlier to "Nokia Music Manager" folder. Usually located at My Documents > My Music.

5) While on MediaMonkey, press INS or Insert on your keyboard or click on File > Add/Rescan Tracks..

6) On the "Add Folders" window, find the folder named "Nokia Music Manager" and check mark the box then hit OK. Normally located at My Documents > My Music.

7) At the left pane of MediaMonkey, double click Library and choose Title. You will see all tracks you copied a while ago in the list.

8) Now select the files you want to convert. Press CTRL + A to select all files or you may press and hold the CTRL key while clicking on the files to select multiple tracks.

9) Press CTRL + SHIFT + C (or click on Tools > Convert Audio..) and follow the settings below and press OK.

10) After converting tracks to WMA format, exit MediaMonkey and run Nokia Music Manager.

11) While on Nokia Music Manager, click on Options > Settings and follow the settings below under 'conversion' tab and press ENTER:

12) Select the files you want to convert or press CTRL + A to select all the tracks.

13) Finally, press CTRL + M (or click on File > convert to mobile optimized..) to convert all your WMA music files into the optimized M4A format!

14) After the conversion, simply transfer the files to your phone!

You'll notice that the quality of converted tracks against the original formats are obviously lower. That is only true when playing them back on Nokia Music Manager. Once you have transferred them to your phone, you'll be amazed how the quality was preserved! You can try to listen to the same track (the original music format you currently use against the converted one) on your phone. I'm sure you'll hardly hear any significant change on their quality and you may not be able to tell which is which!

One track converted in M4A format as described above will normally have a file size of only 1MB to 1.8MB (depending on song length) versus 3.2MB to 4.3MB per song in 128kbps MP3 or AAC format. Just imagine how much memory you can save by just converting all your music files into M4A!


Note: Only applies to Nokia models supporting eAAC+ format or M4A. All ID Tags will be intact. Unfortunately, album art will be deleted in the process. 1,300 tracks is an approximate and based on a 2GB memory card dedicated to music only.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Actual Photo of N95 8GB - Is This For Real?

Right after the rumors and speculations in the blogosphere, comes another one or perhaps a genuine one? Is this some sort of Photoshop work or straight out of someone else's digicam untouched digital image? If you ask me, I think the pic below looks more realistic than the previous ones.. What do ya think guys?

N95 8GB

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Nokia 5700 Video Review [German]

Just wanna share! I really can't decide whether to buy this model now or wait for the next XpressMusic model with at least 2mpx camera and AF to arrive! Well..

EDIT, Found another one!

Friday, 6 July 2007

Nokia N95 Music Edition?!

Is this Nokia's plan to counter Steve Jobs' iPhone? It seems that Nokia is cooking something to stop iPhone's sales before it reaches sky-high worldwide as it becomes more available. Rumor has it that this updated version will have an onboard 8GB internal memory and will run on S60 3rd Ed FP1 minus the GPS chip. As with other ME phones from the Nseries family, N95me might end up in black too!

On the other note, I guess this is not a rumor after all, apparently because preliminary info was published on Nokia's very own site here:

XML Profile


Thursday, 5 July 2007

Nokia PC Suite 6.84 Available Now

Nokia PC SuiteA new version of Nokia PC Suite has been released and is now available for download. Below are the improvements from the previous release.

Nokia PC Suite 6.84:
  • Offers enhancements to performance and stability
  • Enables the synchronization of files and folders between PC and phone
  • Notifies when new add-on applications are available
  • Released 04 July, 2007

Nokia PC Suite is a free PC software product designed to help you make the most of your Nokia phone. With Nokia PC Suite, you can connect your phone to a PC and access mobile content as if the phone and the PC were one.

Download it HERE

Nokia 7500 Prism Unveiled!

Nokia held a fashion event in China two days ago where the 5700 XpressMusic, 6500 classic & slider, 3500 classic, 8600, 8800 Sirocco gold, 6110 navigator together with the latest model (exclusively for China only?) Nokia 7500 Prism are being shown.

Some Product Specs:

- prism design
- S40 5th edition
- 2 inch QVGA screen with 16 million colors
- 2 megapixel camera with flash
- microSD support
- micro USB
- bluetooth 2.0
- fm radio
- 30 mb internal memory

The phone is scheduled to be available on 3Q this year (in China at least) with an approximate price of 210 euros. With that in mind, 7500 Prism will be the most affordable fashion phone from Nokia.

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