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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Counter Strike Micro Edition

Are you a hardcore CS gamer before? Well if you are, then this game is a must for ya! If you want to play it anywhere you go with your mobile phone or simply wanna reminisce the action, download it now!

This game is provided by M3GWORKS.

M3GWORKS is a leading developer of 3D game engine for mobile phones. They have developed the very first 3D FPS engine 'M3GFPS' based on M3G technology.

They provide the 3D engines to their partners, especially the mobile game developers so that they are able to work out 3D shooter games easily and quickly. Based on their FPS engine, they currently present a shooter game 'Micro Counter-Strike', a demo of their engine.

Micro Counter Strike

Announced on May 2006, Micro Counter-Strike, the mobile version of the classic PC game 'Counter-Strike', brings the 'Counter-Strike' gaming experience to you anywhere and anytime!

Click here for more information about this game and download it

Micro Counter Strike Micro Counter Strike Micro Counter Strike


Micro Counter Strike


Forward: 2,Up key
Backward: 8,Down key
Turn Left: 4,Left key
Turn Right: 6,Right key
Shoot: 5,Fire key
Buy: 0
Buy Ammos: 3
Change Weapon: 1
Popup Menu Show/Hide: #
Collimator On/Off: 9

Phone Requirement

-The game must run on devices that support JSR-184, Java Me
-High performance devices boost the game's performance
-250k above available storage space is required for the game demo's JAR

Check your Nokia Phone if it supports JSR-184 here


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