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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Nokia 4GB microSD

Good news! Nokia now officially added 4GB microSD on their memory cards portfolio. Strange thing is that both N95 and E90 are the only ones compatible (according to Nokia). I think that's more of a marketing move (so people will think N95 and E90 are the only ones compatible) rather than... Well anyway, let's just hope that this particular 4GB microSD is compatible with other lower end Nokia devices with microSD slots like N76, 5500, 5700 (and of course 3250). Apparently because of the microSDHC logo missing! Which means, this card is like a normal microSD and not microSDHC?! (finger crossed) =)

Nokia 4GB microSDThis is really great, imagine we can now store more images, movies, apps, games and music! Unfortunately, pricing is yet to be known. In real world, who cares! Nokia branded cards tend to be more expensive than other known brands available.. (in Manila, that's the case)


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