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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Samsung G800 5Mpx - Xenon Flash & 3X Optical Zoom!?

Samsung G800Wow! This is really interesting, right after G600's announcement comes the big daddy - G800! This is not officially announced by Samsung yet but rumors said that this model is due early 2008 next year. G800 measures 103 x 51 x 16.8mm and features a 2.4" QVGA OLED display, microSD slot, bluetooth 2.0 (with A2DP I assume), stereo speakers, either HSDPA or 3G support plus EDGE as well as camera centric features such as camera OSD (On-Screen Display) multi, mosaic, panorama, best pic (like Cybershot's?! WTH!), macro shot, video stabilizer effect, suppression, "red eye", xenon flash and an amazing 3x optical zooming lens.

I just can't imagine what Nokia has in store for us. I wonder when will be the successor of N93i be announced? Conversely, I can picture a serious fight of future imaging kings between the rumored N82, SE K850 and Samsung G800 in the last quarter this year!

Samsung G800
One thing is for sure, at the end we consumers will ultimately benefit from all of these toughening competition, giving us highly feature-packed mobile phones from one to another!


Anonymous said...

Hey viperkid, thanks for the info. Am waiting patiently for the samsung G800. If it comes then my D900 goes into the dustbin. I wonder why samsung don't make them symbian or windows OP.

viperkid said...

i guess samsung haven't fully mastered symbian OS just yet and besides, they have to pay for the license for each model (AFAIK) to symbian meaning less profit for samsung (same thing with windows mobile). but come to think of it, many people require symbian OS already.. who knows, G800's successor may be powered by Symbian 9.5 in the near future!

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