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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Removing "Invisible" Unwanted Themes

So you got your spanking new S60 9.x powered smartphone and its been a while and you have installed bunch of themes. Then one day, you checked your theme gallery to change a theme or delete unwanted ones, and to your surprise some of 'em are missing! You said, "What the?!" guess what, you have installed a theme not completely compatible with your phone (I believe those themes are originally meant for S60 2.x phones ported wrongly to and not for S60 3.x devices). Hence, you will not be able to remove it the normal way.

So you ask. How do I get rid of it? Here's a step by step guide:

1. Connect your phone to the PC using the data cable

2. Select "Data Transfer" or "Mass Storage" mode (for other phone models, it's the option where the mobile is like a USB)

3. Make sure your PC has been set to "SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS" on (simply click to your My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View Tab > Show hidden files and folders) and hit OK

4. On the computer go to My Computer > Removable Disk (the memory card) > Private (it's a hidden folder) > 10207114 > Import

5. Now you'll have a number of folders with barbarian names, like "dc60815d47351ce2" and others. Each folder corresponds to one theme.

6. Open each folder and you'll see in the contents 4 files: a settings file, a .mbm file, a .mif file and a .skn file. The 4 files have in their title the theme name. For instance, in my dc60815d47351ce2 folder, i have the following:

Pink_Seaflower_3250.mbm, Pink_Seaflower_3250.mif and Pink_Seaflower_3250.skn which means that the dc60815d47351ce2 folder is the one of the Pink Seaflower theme (by Babi)

7. When u come across a theme that you want to delete, go back to the Import folder and delete the whole theme folder. Like if I want to delete the pink seaflower theme, I would delete the whole dc60815d47351ce2 folder

8. Safely remove your phone (click on the right part of your system tray beside the PC's clock the icon with green arrow)

9. Enjoy your emptied theme gallery :D

I just tried this tip in my 3250 and it works perfectly fine. After disconnecting my phone, I opened my themes gallery and all the themes I deleted were gone!

For other phones, the parent folder "10207114" may be different (perhaps). You just have to find the folder that contains an "Import" sub-folder.

[via: Dotsisx]


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