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Saturday, 15 December 2007

YTPlayer - YouTube Player For Your Mobile!

YTPlayer is a beta version of a YouTube's video player.

Before using it you need to install the FlashLite 3 Player on your phone.

This version is only for testing purpose, it load and stream videos from YouTube. Choose a video by using the joypad.

What to expect in the next versions:
  • Allow multiple words for search (in this beta you can enter only one word)
  • Add controls (play, pause, rewind)
  • Allow returning to video menu selection (now you have to re-open the file)
  • Add more services (dailymotion, google video...)
  • Improve the audio/video synchronization
  • Make it work in portrait and landscape modes (now it's optimized only for landscape orientation)
  • And a lot other things..

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