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Monday, 7 January 2008

Motorola ROKR E8 & MOTO Z10 Official!

Motorola Unveils New Additions to ROKR Family

New ROKR E8 Takes You from Talk to Music in One Touch Using Motorola ModeShift Technology

Las Vegas, NV – 6 Jan. 2008 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today expanded its ROKR™ family of music products with the introduction of the ROKR E8 mobile device, the EQ5 and EQ7 wireless speaker systems and new stereo headsets at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (Booth #8545, Central Hall). This new generation of ROKR products offers consumers a complete music ecosystem that can help them enjoy their favorite tunes while on the go.

“ROKR E8 is a no compromises device – it’s both an MP3 player that makes great phone calls and a mobile phone with tremendous audio capabilities. With our unique ModeShift technology, we’re dispelling the myth that mobile phones with music features are inferior to stand-alone audio devices,” stated Stu Reed, president, Motorola Mobile Devices. “Rounding out our ROKR portfolio, our new music accessories provide consumers with a number of ways to enjoy their music.”

ROKR E8: Transforming The Music Experience

Summary of key features in ROKR E8:
  • ModeShift technology transforms the device from phone to music player with the touch of a button
  • Innovative haptics technology provides tactile response when a virtual key is pressed
  • FastScroll navigation wheel allows for scrolling through thousands of songs with the slide of a thumb
  • Patented CrystalTalk™ technology delivers outstanding call clarity even in noisy environments
  • Windows™ Media Player™ 11 compatibility enables easy transfer of tunes from the PC to the device

Motorola designed ROKR E8 to deliver an uncompromised consumer experience for music or talk. Using breakthrough ModeShift technology from Motorola, the quad-band GPRS/EDGE device presents users with only the controls they need, at the time they need them, instantly transforming from music player to phone with the touch of a button.

When powered off, the surface of ROKR E8 is smooth, with no visible keys. Power on the device and it presents a virtual numbered keypad on the front surface. With one “press” of the virtual music key, the phone keypad disappears and control keys for the music player – play, pause, fast forward and rewind – appear in its place.

Yet, ROKR E8 is more than just a “touch”-operated device. Using innovative vibrating haptics technology, the device provides the tactile feedback consumers expect from a traditional keypad, providing confirmation they have pressed a virtual key.

ROKR E8 also marks the debut of the new FastScroll navigaton wheel from Motorola, a variable-speed touch control that lets consumers easily scroll through all of the content stored on the device. With a gentle slide of the thumb, the wheel quickly scrolls through your music (music mode), contacts (phone mode), calendar (phone mode), or multimedia (imaging mode) content. Information is easily viewed on the landscape 2.0” QVGA display.

In music mode, ROKR E8 delivers great sound through a three-dimensional stereo feature that enhances two-channel audio and an on-board equalizer. Music can be enjoyed on the built-in speaker, with a compatible Bluetooth® enabled stereo headset¹, or through a wired headset plugged into the 3.5mm jack.

ROKR E8 also helps consumers discover new music with a built-in FM radio and support for Song ID2 .

The 2GB internal memory can store up to 1,500 songs3, and the external memory is expandable up to 4GB with an optional microSD card. Music transfers quickly with USB 2.0. The device is compatible with Windows Media Player 11 on the PC, which also provides access to more than 200 online music stores.

In phone mode, ROKR E8 provides outstanding voice quality using Motorola CrystalTalk technology. The powerful device can receive calls while downloading or playing music, text messaging2, surfing the Web2 or taking pictures. Quality construction and materials help make ROKR E8 durable and reliable, and a high gloss front, aluminum soft touch back, spun metal side keys and engraved banding offer the modern style expected from Motorola.

Motorola ROKR E8
Motorola ROKR E8
Motorola ROKR E8
Motorola ROKR E8
Motorola ROKR E8

Motorola EQ5 and EQ7: Wireless Speakers for Music and Calls

The Motorola EQ5 and EQ7 are the first wireless speakers from Motorola that provide mobility for both music and speakerphone calls. With rich, stereo sound and elegant style, both portable speakers can easily connect with almost any MP3 player, PC or mobile phone through wireless Bluetooth technology (including A2DP Bluetooth profile) or a wired 3.5 mm jack.

The Motorola EQ5 Portable Wireless Speaker is a sleek and stylish pocket-sized device with a convenient kickstand for standing upright and a rechargeable battery4 to play music or take calls with wireless freedom.

The Motorola EQ7 Wireless Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker is a state-of-the-art sound system that includes cutting-edge audio technology by JBL®. The high-end stereo speakers provide deep rich bass and smooth response, making even the most dynamic of songs sound clean and robust. The speakers also include a built-in microphone and integrated controls that make it easy to switch between music and speakerphone mode with the touch of a button.

Stereo Bluetooth Accessories: Wireless Music On the Go
The wireless music experience has been enhanced with the Motorola S9-HD, an upgraded version of the award-winning ROKR S9. This improved headset adds surround sound with SRS WOW HD™ technology, while reducing ambient noise and providing more comfort with redesigned ear buds.

The Motorola S605 Bluetooth Stereo Clip Headset gives wired music devices a wireless option. With stereo Bluetooth technology, this affordable and lightweight clip-on pendant and headset provides wireless connections to Bluetooth enabled phone while staying simultaneously connected to streaming music or FM radio.

Wired Accessories: Mobile Music, In Style
Motorola is also launching several new wired companion products to satisfy any style and add comfort, design and incredible sound to your mobile music experience.

EH70 Stereo Headset – A premium in-ear stereo headset with an acoustic design that delivers rich sound quality with full-range frequency response and low distortion. Outstanding microphone performance helps calls sound great and noise isolation helps minimize background clamor. Replaceable ear tips offer a comfortable in-ear fit and additional sound clarity.

EH50 Stereo Headset – Ergonomically designed to keep up with active lifestyles5, the EH50 features proprietary TrueComfort™ design, with flexible ear hooks for a secure, comfortable fit. The EH50 sounds as good as it looks with a full-range enhanced frequency response, low distortion as well as an unobtrusive ear bud design and discreet, lightweight, enhanced microphone for calls.

EH25 Stereo Headset – Creates a fashion statement among wired headphones with four available colors, exceptional sound quality, a compact carry case and a discreet microphone for taking calls.

EH20 Stereo Headset – A wired headset that offers great bass response, stylish design and a customizable fit at an affordable price.

ROKR E8 is expected to be available in Q1 2008. The Motorola EQ5, EQ7 and new wired and wireless accessories are expected to be available in Q2 2008.


New Motorola Z10 Delivers Filmmaking on the Fly

Latest Kick Slider from Motorola Inspires Spontaneous Creativity as a Mobile Phone Film Studio

LAS VEGAS – 6 Jan. 2008 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today made it easy to capture, edit and share videos and images directly from the mobile device with the introduction of MOTO™ Z10 at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (Booth #8545, Central Hall).

The new MOTO Z10 is a complete, pocket-sized, mobile film studio. This stylish kick slider makes it easy to capture high-quality video, edit clips, create transitions between scenes and add title slides and a soundtrack¹. Then, budding filmmakers can upload their creation to share with friends and family through any number of Web sites such as YouTube, Google, Yahoo! and ShoZu.

“With MOTO Z10, we are turning movie making and spontaneous creativity into social activities. Now, anyone can capture and share life’s moments from almost anywhere in the world and make their unique perspective a part of popular culture,” said Stu Reed, president, Motorola Mobile Devices.


In addition to creating videos, MOTO Z10 features great media playback capabilities. With a crystal-clear 2.2” QVGA screen that displays video at 30 frames per second in millions of colors, consumers can watch their own films or downloaded content2. The external storage slot will support an external memory card with up to 32GB of capacity, when available.

MOTO Z10 also takes great pictures. One press of the dedicated camera key launches the 3.2 megapixel camera in only 1.5 seconds. The Superfast burst mode captures up to three images a second, so consumers will never miss a frame of the action. The smart auto focus keeps pictures sharp while intelligent auto-save automatically names and saves images directly to the on-board media gallery or favorite media-sharing Web sites.

MOTO Z10 looks as sleek and stylish on the outside as it is feature-packed inside. The ergonomic design is built with premium quality materials, including spun stainless steel, polished metallic finish and soft-feel textures. With 3.5G HSDPA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, and Symbian/UIQ software, MOTO Z10 represents the next generation of mobile device technology for on-the-go content consumers and creators.

MOTO Z10 is expected to be available in Q1 2008.


[via: Press release]


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