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Thursday, 2 August 2007

New Sony Ericsson P990 Firmware

Sony Ericsson P990Sony Ericsson definitely made P990 owners happy by releasing a new firmware. AAS reports that the latest firmware labeled as R6E28 is now available for download.

New P990 firmware info :

Phone CXC162037 R9GA001
Bluetooth CXC162058 R5A01
Organizer CDC162036 R6E28
CDA CDA162007/2 R6E28

Here are some improvements from previous firmwares attested by a user:

Bugs gone:
1. Spacebar bug in FO mode is fixed!
2. Long text crashes in Messaging (and other applications with editing like QuickOffice, Docs To Go etc) is also fixed. Yay!!!
3. Pressing Jogdial in while composing SMS displays contact selection (It was there in R5A17 but gone in R6D23)
4. 17MB free RAM after cold boot

Bugs remain:
1. Solid Colour in Activity Menu. Not transparent
2. Sending SMS from DreamConnect3 will display number in the contact field instead of Name
3. Memory leak still happens. From 17MB free, becomes 12MB without any applications running in the background. Checked using SwissManager (Memory Reclaim Level 3).

[via: AAS]


Anonymous said...

where can i download the sony ericcson update service from?
and there is no download links on seus ive tried, can sumn1 please help

viperkid said...

r u usin a branded or unbranded P990 [did u get ur phone from a network, is it network locked]? i guess u r aware dat not all variants of P990 gets d latest firmware at d same time.. d best thing to is just to check for d update from time to time. good luck!

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