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Friday, 10 August 2007

Nokia N95 Repackaged?! - 1200 mAh Battery + US 3G

It looks like that Nokia is indeed listening to the rants, complaints and wishes of N95 users and bloggers alike.

First off, the said repackaged N95 will finally come with US 3G + HSDPA under the 850/1900 spectrum! Which only means blazing data speeds of up to 3.6mbps on AT&T's network! For non AT&T subscribers, I guess they'll just have to settle for the slower EDGE data transfers. Though according to the source, the 2100 HSDPA being removed.

Second, Nokia managed to squeezed in a whooping BL-6F 1200 mAh battery!

Third, it will ship with a 1GB microSD inbox! Which is double of that from European released N95s.

Lastly, but one of the best yet you have to hear (drum roll..) from this revamped N95. The mobile diva has this scoop of increased RAM to 128mb! WOW! I just hope that this particular N95 version be available here in Asia! Nokia, hear me please!! How about an info how many free RAM after booting up? Well, in any case it will still improve N95s multi-tasking prowess! Imagine, just like E90's performance! COOL!

Nokia N95
[via: Symbian-Guru]


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