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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Nokia N95 US 3G For North America Confirmed!

FCC have also recently approved the much awaited N95 version for the North American region. The only major difference against the original N95 is that this revamped edition supports the two WCDMA bands that are used for 3G data in the US by AT&T: 850MHz and 1900MHz which brings us to a conclusion that this model won't work on T-Mobile's forthcoming 1700mhz band. With that in mind, I think the European people (and non-US residents) seemed to be luckier again for having the N95 8GB version. Nonetheless, this edition will still address most of the craving in the US market. If I were Nokia, I would have made an updated version of N95 for the USA version as the N95 8GB too so - "everybody happy". =)

N95 US 3G
N95 US 3G


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