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Friday, 24 August 2007

Toshiba 32GB SDHC Card & 16GB SDHC!

Another first everybody! Toshiba proudly announces their 32GB SDHC and 16GB SDHC cards! The world's first 32GB SDHC memory card will be available by January 2008 with a price of approximately US$700 whilst its smaller brother 16GB SDHC is planned to be on sale this coming October 2007 for about US$350. Since both cards meets the Class 4 in the "SD Speed Class", the cards are capable of high speed writing of up to 6MB/sec!

Toshiba SDHC cardsI guess Nokia N95 8GB doesn't really have a big 'edge' against the normal N95 when it comes to memory after all..


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