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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Turn Off Your Phone's Camera Shutter Sound

Finally, a freeware for S60 3rd edition phones has arrived called cCam (pronounced as "see-cam") developed by Chua Welic. cCam does not only mute the camera shutter sound but can also turn off the camera flash as well (in case you are too lazy to turn it off manually). The program saves the captured images to default memory card image directory and also features a focus range and a shortcut link to gallery.


- Enter key, or Options->Snap: Capture an image and save it to the images folder

- Options->Go to Gallery: Open the media gallery application to view images

- Up arrow key: Zoom in

- Down arrow key: Zoom out

Known Issues:

It can't disable the pre-flash on N80 and N95


[via: Chua Welic]


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