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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Next-Gen N-Gage Platform To Be Announced Tomorrow!

n-gageAccording to The New York Times, Nokia will finally reintroduce their N-Gage gaming platform this week (a.k.a. N-Gage 2.0, most probably at Go Play event in London tomorrow) with new game developers and new phones especially for mobile gaming. Nokia says that it has sold a whopping 125 million units of its S60 smartphones across the globe. N-Gage games will make their debut this fall on a few of those sold models (most of em I think would be the Nseries ones), but the company will extend the service to the rest of the Series 60 line over the next year.

Asphalt 3
I'm sure N93, N95 and other high end S60 phones to be announced tomorrow will certainly have better graphics than 'normal' S60 phones. Apparently because of the hardware installed on em... No wonder they are a bit pricey. Don't ya know that the current N95 has a dual CPU?! Here's more, N76 "the computer done beautifully" has more SDRAM than N95 for running applications and games simultaneously? That's strange.. No wonder N95 says "Memory Low" more than N76! =)

System Rush Evolution
Meanwhile, ProjectNeXt have been busy the other day uploading these great clips for us!

[via: The New York Times]


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