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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Video Previews of Nokia N81, N95 8GB, 5310 & 5610

Can't get enough of Nokia's amazing new phones?! Here are some actual hands-on previews of N81, N95 8GB, 5310 and 5610 XpressMusic!!! I wonder what happened to the 'all black' bad boy 5700?! Oh my, the latter may be just a photoshop makeover afterall! Anyway, check out how N81's navi-key works just like an iPod!

Nokia N81 Preview

Nokia N95 8GB Preview

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Preview

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Preview

Nokia N81 8GB

Nokia N81 8GB

5310 & 5610 XpressMusic + N95 8GB & N81

Nokia N81

Nokia N95 8GB

Nokia's New N-Gage Gaming Platform

Nokia N81's TV Ad

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Multi-Tasking Demo

Nokia N81 Teaser


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Anonymous said...

The Black 5700 is not a rumor. Here are actual pics to prove it. It's at the bottom of the page

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